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Abu Garcia Svartzonker McMio

Abu Garcia Svartzonker McMio


The Abu Garcia Svartzonker McMio lure has a hard durable body with a soft and twirled tail that creates lots of movement for attracting in those big predators!

This lure has a hard and solid body construction and a soft, flexible and detachable tail. The tail produces a natural swimming action and a smooth rolling action that predators will find hard to resist. The lure body measures 9cm in length and including the tail the lure measures 24cm in total with a weight of 54g.

The slow sinking version of this lure will fish between depths of 0.5-2m and the tail uses a unique rigging system for the perfect hook set. There are two ultra sharp treble hooks provided on each lure.

Each lure is decorated in vibrant and colourful pattern schemes for added attraction and each one is fitted with 3D eyes.

Two bait types in one
Hard durable body
Soft, flexible shad tail
Detachable tail
Life like swimming action
Fitted with two treble hooks
Vibrant, contrasting colours
1 lure supplied per pack

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