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Albatros Field Mouse

Albatros Field Mouse


If you are looking for a perfectly aggressive surface bait for pike, the Albatros Field Mouse  is the bait for you. This beautiful lure is very attractive due to its natural movements. There is also a spinner blade attached to the bottom of the mouse that spins hard when fishing the mouse in. In addition, this bait moves a lot of water when it is fished indoors. This attractive mouse comes from the Natural Killers line from Albatros. These are colorful imitations of frogs and mice that are perfect for fishing in and around aquatic vegetation. Thanks to the special placement of the hooks, you have little chance of getting stuck. The hooks are placed upwards and are pushed upwards when you take a bite, so that the pike is perfectly hooked. This surface lure is designed to cast long distances and is perfectly balanced. That makes this bait irresistible for pike.

  • Length: 4.5 Centimeters
  • Weight: 10.5 Gram
  • Depth: Surface water
  • Action: Floating
  • Soft PVC Body
  • Weedless Design
  • Natural Imitation
  • Very sharp hooks

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