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Black Knight Frog Hair Copolymer

Black Knight Frog Hair Copolymer


Frog Hair tippet and leader material is engineered to be the finest copolymer available. Subjected to exacting tolerances and GAMMA’s revolutionary, proprietary process, Frog Hair offers the combination of super high strength, ultra suppleness and built-in shock resistance. This unique blending creates a line that will generate more takes and provide maximum fish fighting capability.
*Low coil memory makes it easier to handle and tie knots
* Knots draw down smoothly for tighter, stronger, more secure knots
* Supple butt materials roll out with a tighter loop and lay out beautifully
* Supple tippet materials provide a more delicate delivery
* Thinner gauge and added suppleness reduces drag for more natural presentation
* Increased number of takes and hook-ups
* Greater shock resistance provides greater fighting capability
* Land more and bigger fish on lighter gauge tippet
* A more enjoyable fishing experience

100 meter spools. 


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