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Buck 112 Slim Select Knife Blue

Buck 112 Slim Select Knife Blue


Buck 112 Slim Select Knife Blue

This Buck 112 Slim EDC is a slim, light-weight version of the famous Buck 112 Ranger. This Slim 112 focuses on people who carry their knife with them on a daily basis. You can easily open it with one hand, and it has been enhanced with a pocket clip to make sure it safely stays inside your jeans.

The contours of the Buck 112 Slim are the same as the normal 112 Ranger. However, important changes have been made in terms of use of materials and finishes. The handle, for instance, is now made from light-weight FRN. It is a strong type of plastic. A substantial saving in comparison to the heavy messing, because the Buck 112 Slim weighs only 70 grams. The blade is still made from 420HC. Simply because there is nothing wrong with it. A great type of steel, especially when it has been hardened according to the BOS recipe, like this version. Buck, however, did change the finish. The Buck 112 Slim has a stonewashed blade. This means that it was placed inside a drum filled with stones and turned until small scratches appeared on the blade. So many even that the blade seems polished. As such any traces of use don't stand out.

You open the blade with the double thumb stud. When opened a solid linerlock will block the blade. As a result it won't close when you don't want it to. A great aspect is that the pocket clip can be placed on both sides of the handle, and that opening and closing is easy for both left and right-handed users. As a result this knife is a friend to all.


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