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Doiyo Yochu 72

Doiyo Yochu 72


The Doiyo Yochu 72 is an imitation of a crab or an insect larva. Made from floating High Performance Soft Plastic . It is ideal for fishing a wide variety of methods. You can fish it on the Dropshot, on a Carolina Rig, on a TexasRig or simply fished on a Jighead. Its high buoyancy keeps him just off the bottom when fished Carolina Style.
The Doiyo Yochu is flavored with garlic. This had proven deadly for Big Perch in the past few Years.
It can also be used as a trailer on metal jigs and baits particularly on the Doiyo Ikasama Spinnerbaits.
length 72mm.
10per pack(2 of each color)

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