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Dynamite Baits Crave Boilie

Dynamite Baits Crave Boilie


A fishmeal boilie with a difference created with Terry Hearn.
Naturally high in protein The Crave is a shellfish boilie based around a blend of tuna meal, anchovy meal, a concentrated soluble shrimp paste, and two of Terry’s all-time favourite secret flavours.
A comprehensive year round food source with instant attraction – The Crave offers unrivalled nutrition, palatability and digestibility thanks in part also to the winterised salmon oil and the finest liquid liver.

With a base mix made from the finest and freshest pre-digested fish-meals along with Haith’s® world famous Robin Red® and bird-food blends we have a fishmeal boilie that very quickly stimulates and promotes a sustained feeding response even in cold water.  Confidence in ‘The Crave’ can be assured and a snowman set up with a washed out pink Crave pop up has been the downfall of many unsuspecting carp.
Confidence in The Crave can be assured!

1Kg bag

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