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Gardner Covert Chod Hooks

Gardner Covert Chod Hooks


  • 10 Hooks in a pack.
  • Next Generation Chod/Stiff link hook.
  • Features 15 degree out turned eye.
  • Coated in the anti-glare covert coating.

The pattern features a wide gape, non reversed bend and medium length shank, with a well formed 15 degree out-turned eye that ensures that materials like Trip Wire and fluorocarbons exit the inside of the eye at the optimum angle, encouraging the hook to turn aggressively with a whipping style No-knot and Dumhoff knot or when combined with specialist rigs such as the Multi Rig and D-rigs.
The Covert plating is adaptive to ambient light blending in seamlessly with the lakebed, Covert Hooks also have sharper and stronger points than ever before.

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