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Leech ATW3 Copper

Leech ATW3 Copper


  • The ATW in Leech’s intro series of polarized sunglasses is made with allround purpose for activities around the water
  • Lightweight models in classic wayfarer & sporty designs
  • Intro has polarized TAC lenses with polycarbonate frames
  • COPPER LEN: Copper lenses help in enhancing contrast & improving the depth of field for objects such as fish against the aqua colored backgrounds We recommended that you to wear copper lenses as it in addition will give them good definition & prevent eye strain
  • Furthermore, it is highly suitable in mornings & evenings & will make it much easier to see the fish
  • Ultraviolet treatment UV400: This coating keeps the sun’s UV rays from harming your eyes – 100 % UVA, UVB & UVC Protection
  • Polarized triacetate cellulose (TAC) TAC lenses are formed from sheets of compound plastic with a multi-layered lens technology
  • It is the lightest polarized lens available & the efficiency of the polarization is 99%
  • Scratch-resistant coating: In the face of all the advancements in eyeglass lens coatings, eyeglass lenses are still not scratch proof – not even glass lenses
  • However, the Leech eyeglass lenses are treated front & back with a clear, hard coating which make it much more scratch resistant

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