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Penn Rival Black 8000 Longcast Gold

Penn Rival Black 8000 Longcast Gold


The all new Penn rival Gold Long Cast 8000 has been engineered to fulfil every criteria of the UK surf angler whilst keeping the price affordable for most pockets.
The 5 sealed ball bearing system, including an instant-anti reverse bearing, ensures a perfectly smooth retrieve, even under considerable load. The 'Rival boasts a huge line capacity of 550yds of 20lb mono, meaning that heavier lines can be used with ease when the going gets tough.
The 4.3:1 retrieve ensures that although the reel is quick, is still has plenty of torque when it comes to towing any kind of weight back to the shoreline. The reel is ambidextrous, meaning that both left and right handed anglers can enjoy using the Rival Gold Long Cast.

Gear Ratio 4.3:1

Holds 650M of 0.35mm line

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