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Quantum 4Street Spin-Jig 35gram

Quantum 4Street Spin-Jig 35gram


The cutting edge of fishing for perch and asp. Spin jigs are compact weight heads fitted with both a treble hook and a rotating spinner blade. The stocky body of the jig allows precise long-range casting, causes it to sink quickly to the bottom and allows it to be jigged or retrieved quickly. The 4Street Spin-Jig has a freely rotating mini ball bearing swivel mounted on the tail end of the jig where the attractive spinner blade is attached. On the belly, at the end of the gill arc, there is a sharp treble hook, which sits in a strong attachment eye. This configuration gives the lure an even more tantalising action in the water and with the treble hook attached to the front there are also significantly fewer missed bites. The 4Street Spin-Jig comes in five cool colour designs.

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