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Quantum Energy Light Braid LSW620

Quantum Energy Light Braid LSW620


  • LONG-RANGE CASTING: The long spool generates very low friction during casting
  • VARIABLE & FLEXIBLE: Thanks to the quick-drag function, the drag setting can be released with only approx. half a turn
  • RAPID SPOOL CHANGES: The reel features a button that allows very quick spool changes
  • SMOOTH ACTION: 6 integrated ball bearings lend the reel its smooth action

Literally a completely new spool stroke concept for spinning reels in size 20+30 Thanks to the wormshaft oscillation system (LSW concept), the spool stroke is 14% longer than standard reels with an S-curve. However, the reel body itself remains light and compact. The Energy LSW is perfectly balanced and the Slow Oscillation Wormshaft System distributes the line extremely precisely, which is absolutely essential when fishing with braided lines. The long spool enables extremely long-range casting thanks to the significantly reduced friction resistance on the spool during casting. The quick-drag function enables extremely quick changes in the drag setting, approx. half a turn of the drag button is required to release the drag almost completely. The spool can be easily removed and swapped at the push of a button. The complete package for the passionate spinning angler.

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