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Rio Perception Fly Line

Rio Perception Fly Line


With unprecedented casting control and instantaneous feel, the Rio Perception is redefining the idea of what a Trout line should be.

It won't give you x-ray vision or the ability to leap tall buildings, but our revolutionary new RIO Perception fly line will help you catch more trout. Built with ultra-low stretch ConnectCore Technology, RIO Perception lines provide phenomenal sensitivity for better, more intuitive cast timing, easier line lift and sharp, precise mends. The lack of stretch also means enhanced detection of subtle takes and reduced reaction time on hook sets. The exclusive SureFire colour system improves casting accuracy by making it easy to gauge exact distances at a glance. It all adds up to improved casting, better fishing and most importantly, more fish.

Ready to catch more trout? Fish the new RIO Perception floating line

  • MaxCast hydrophobic coating
  • MaxFloat Tip technology
  • AgentX slickening formula
  • Front welded loop
  • Back welded loop
  • Easy ID tag
  • Surefire colour system

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