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Van den Eynde Secret Classic/Black

Van den Eynde Secret Classic/Black


Secret is a very heavy groundbait and its ingredients are quite sweet smelling. Mix it carefully because it becomes very sticky, adding water a little at a time and riddling afterwards. Get it right and you’ll achieve a groundbait which is perfectly suited for a balling-in approach.

The big advantage of using Secret is that it will break down very slowly once it has reached the bottom. This coupled with its fairly high food content, means it will hold fish in your swim for a long time without the need to top up.

The best time to use Secret is when you need a lot of bait on the bottom and you don’t want to feed again for a long time after your initial balls have gone in. Use it when your expecting big catches or large numbers of fish. Once the groundbait’s gone in, you can concentrate on fishing rather than feeding every few minutes.

The most adaptable and all round product in the Van Den Eynde Range. Secret can be put to use in many varied conditions, even by itself it’s a mix which works effectively in a swimfeeder or when fed by hand. By adding other Van Den Eynde products either heavier or lighter, almost every type of fishing situation in the UK can be mastered. Marcel himself uses Secret as a base ingredient in nearly all his own recipes.

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