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Shakespeare Mach XT Float Sets

Shakespeare Mach XT Float Sets


A selection of float sets carefully chosen to suit every style of coarse fishing situation.

Set 1: Straight Waggler - Super-robust clear straight wagglers with buoyant tips for River Fising. 5 floats: 3BB, 2AAA, 2.5AAA, 3AAA and 3.5AAA

Set 2: Insert Waggler - Insert wagglers with excellent casting distance whilst remaining very sensitive. The inserts are inter-changeable and each float is supplied with two tips. 5 floats: 3BB, 2AAA, 2.5AAA, 3AAA, 3,5AAA

Set 3: Carp Waggler - Set includes 3 x tapered finer tipped carp wagglers (2AAA, 3AAA, 3.5AAA), 2 x Pellet wagglers (3 SSG, 3.5 SSG)

Set 4: Stillwater Wagglers - Includes sensititibe insert floats and thicker tipped straight versions. 5 floats: 2BB, 3BB, 2AAA, 2.5AAA, 3.5AAA

Set 5: River Floats - 3 x top and bottom patterns perfect for trotting (1 x 6BB stick float, 2 x balsa floats 6BB and 7BB, 2 x straight wagglers )

Set 6: Silverfish Pole Floats: Ideal for both commercial and natural venues. More sensitive than the carp set. 2 x Wire stem - 0.2 and 0.4g, 2 x Glass stem - 0.8g and 1.0g, 1 x Dibber - 0.2g)

Set 7: Carp Pole Floats: Quality floats allowing for a variety of baits to be used in different depths of water . Use the dibbers when fishing shallow or when using bigger baits in the lake margins and the bristle versions when targeting F1's or when using smaller baits. 2 x shallow dibbers - 0.2g & 0.3g, 2 x margin dibbers - 0.5g and 0.6g, 1 x medium bristle - 0.5g

Set 8: Carefully selected big capacity pole floats for fishing deep water and fast flowing rivers. 1 x 0.8g pole stick, 2.0g and 3.0g wire stem, 4.0 and 5.0g Heavy wire stem

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