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Spro Pike Fighter Triple Jointed

Spro Pike Fighter Triple Jointed


Proven and very successful 3-jointed lure; proven for pike, zander, perch and even big asp. In addition, they have already undertaken long journeys abroad and met the most illustrious predatory fish in fresh and salt water. Yet they are still unsurpassed! Equipped with extremely loud rattle weights to create the perfect noise underwater; agitated and aggressive predators will come and get them from afar. The swimming attributes are praised and acclaimed but above all it is the special shape that does it. The extraordinary shape that makes PikeFighter lures unique with their sharp nose angle makes them catch their fish over and over again. The lures offer a shockproof bill, Gamakatsu Treble 13 hooks, and oversized 3D eyes as an extra aiming point for predators to strike. And not to forget the rock hard coating that fish cannot get a grip on with their teeth allowing the trebles to slide into the corners of the mouth and get hooked.



Medium Diver dives to 2 meters and Deep diver dives to 5 meters.

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