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Svartzonker Screw-In Lip

Svartzonker Screw-In Lip


The weighted Screw in Lip makes McRubbers and any other rubber bait swim like a dream.

Use it for trolling, cast it or use it with baitfish. When mounted use super glue to secure the McRubber. If you use it for bait fish a cable tie will securly hold the bait.
The lip is made of aluminum, the screw and eyelet are made from stainless steel and the weighted head is made of zink.

The large 20 gram lip swims with a slow rolling action, imitating a wounded baitfish. Use it with McRubber 21 cm, Big McRubber and The Pelagic.

Match the Screw in Lip with our Stinger Tackle and Screw in Dots.

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