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Swiza Knife TT03/TT04

Swiza Knife TT03/TT04


This is what outdoor enthusiasts and animal lovers have been waiting for: a very functional, beautifully shaped Swiss knife with integrated pliers. With the innovative Tick Tool, you can easily and safely remove ticks and thus reduce the risk of being infected with dangerous diseases such as Lyme disease or brain(membrane)inflammation (tbe) due to a tick bite. 

SWIZA reinvents the Swiss knife: an elegant pocket knife "Made in Switzerland". The innovative "Tick Tool" is made of flexible plastic and has a V-shaped incision with which the sign can be securely fixed and removed. The integrated magnifying glass makes it easier to find the small parasites.

Swiss Army knife with soft-touch grip and modern print design, including a unique pliers made of flexible plastic. The tools of this Swiza TT03 pocket knife are easy to open with both the left and right hand and are securely locked, unlocking can be done by simply pressing the Swiss flag. 

  • 11 Functions

  • Magnifying Pliers

  • Secure grip handle

  • Ergonomic (curve), comfortable grip

  • Swiss Army Knife

  • Tools very easy to open

  • For both left- and right-handed users

  • Secure lock function


Knife 75mm;Locking;
and sewing eye; Prong
and punch;
Bottle opener;Screwdriver;

Thread stripper;
Drawing pliers;
Magnifying glass;

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