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Fulling Mill Tube Fly Stinger Rig

Fulling Mill Tube Fly Stinger Rig


A stinger trace rig, to be used in conjunction with Fulling Mill Pike Tube Flies. Slide the loop of the trace through the plastic tube of your fly and seat the eye of the hook in the rear of the tube. The trace is then attached 'Loop to Loop' to your fluorocarbon leader.

This rig is composed of a 26lb 49 strand nylon coated wire trace with heat welded loops, the sharpest 4/0 super strong predator hook, attached to a 2/0 stinger hook with the finest single strand titanium wire. Pike often strike their prey by attacking them from the side and in the middle, the stinger hook ensures you get proper hook-ups when this happens. Ensure your chosen water allows the use of two hooks before using the rig. The trace wire is 2ft / 60cm long.

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