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Kuusamo Professor 1 Spoon 11.5cm 27gram

Kuusamo Professor 1 Spoon 11.5cm 27gram


You can catch fish with the professor. It has been established for many generations. If you ask an older person who enjoys fishing to name a few famous spoon lures, he will most likely mention the Professor. These are timeless lures. The instincts and desires of fish have not changed at all throughout history. Pros are fishermen's best partners when it comes to getting fish for the dinner table. Fish can indeed change their habits in terms of their whereabouts, but the reason for that is mainly in changing local conditions. Proffa has the ability to imitate the behavior of the most popular prey fish. The bright silver flashes look like glimpses of the flanks of roaches trying to escape. The green-hued paintings painted on the professor remind predatory fish of a perch, which also comes for a meal. The professor simply appeals to the natural predatory instincts of predatory fish.



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